Hey peoples.

We have some big things that we are planning on the horizon, and come July we hope to start implementing them across the clinic and beyond!

First, with the new CTC therapy that we are offering, it is the most empowering and freeing therapies out there. Seriously, you come with a list full of issues and by the end of the two or two and half hours, they are all gone. It is the most intensive clean out of emotional and limiting crap that you can imagine. And I love delivering it and seeing people at the end becoming free and as I’ve heard, feeling so much lighter. I would suggest that if you have tried other therapies and not got the result that you were after, you give CTC a go. Take it from myself, who has had a session in all of the therapies that I offer and found that most of them never get to the core issues or they don’t clear everything in one hit, so that the same issues can come back again. With this the education before and the level at which it clears the old programs at is so deep that it cannot come back, both myself and Jean have had treatments and we feel fantastic!

The benefits that I have noticed in myself, for people who know me would recognise as well, more confidence in myself, which allows people to accept me better as I now allow myself to be seen for me. I have not touched anything sugary until the other night, and I could not even get through half a can of coke. I am less distracted, which allows me to find so much more time for more important things and get to develop more things for the business and improve myself and share my abilities.

The next thing that I would like to announce is, that I will be developing a series of ‘hour of power’ seminars where we will be going through various topics that will assist you in improving your quality of life in various areas, this will include meditations, EFT, posture for confidence and much more, so stay tuned for that!

And as always guys, if there are any questions that you have about anything that we do, please contact us by any means and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Take care and see you all soon.