Hey guys,

Rob here with a new post. What I have been asked to do is share a bit more of the physical transformation that has happened since the CTC session and the whole week of training.

For a while, there was a time where I absolutely hated the way my torso looked tin the mirror. I was meant to be a health professional and black belt; so how could I truly be that if I had this gut hanging around. I had never really struggled with weight before so it was something that I wasn’t used to. It really came to a head on ANZAC day this year when I saw a photo of me in my uniform that I just loathed. From that I was determined to have a big shift in a month or just give up.

So, as some of you may have seen on Instagram and Facebook, is that I had a dramatic shift in my stomach area. What I can attribute this to is getting rid of all the past emotional crap that I had suppressed and that I could not shift with diet and exercise alone. Trust me I tried by doing it the ‘right way’ and it just would not move.

I’m not saying that this would be the case with everyone, my stomach was very firm to the point where I could hardly suck it in. I also did not lose any weight in a physical sense even though my stomach became flatter. And there are days where it still can bulge a bit but I now have the idea that there is something that I am not paying attention to and can address that straight away.

It totally is about the mindset that you are using, if you ignore all the things, they do not go away. The energy stays there and becomes stagnant. Just like excess water, lymph, fat or however it chooses to manifest.

So if this sounds like you and you are truly ready for a change, why not come and have a talk to us and see what we can do for you, we offer many therapies and can offer a plan to help you reach your goals. The CTC is also currently at half price for a very limited time, so book in now to secure your spot!

Anyway guys, take care and remember that we also have our salt room if you start to get the sniffles and we will see you soon!