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Ok, bit of a rant here. This is one thing that really gets under my skin. This can be a bit of a similar case to always being the victim, but in another way.

What I am talking about here are the people who believe, for whatever reason, that they cannot be helped. These are the ones that, unlike the victim, they have the treatment and then go right ahead and try so desperately to keep hold of their issues.

They have often decided beforehand that whatever treatment will not help them. Their issue must be soooo big and dramatic that it can’t possibly be shifted by any mere mortal technique. What I can’t get my head around is why you would waste the time and money, not to mention the practitioner’s time and efforts, if you are already sure that you will never be free of your issues. It completely baffles me

These are the type of people who are responsible for their issues, but wear them with pride. This can be very detrimental for the practitioner’s business as well, as they will often ‘gloat’ about how a technique did not work on them.  Why would you want to hold onto it? If it has made your life so terrible, why not throw it away to the past?

The other thing is, if you keep going back to the environment that made you have the issues, how could you expect things to be any different? It would be like picking your car up from the smash repairer, forking over your hard earned cash and then driving straight into a power pole and saying that the repairer was of no help at all. Like the definition of insanity!

Once again, your happiness is directly in your control, YOUR control. I often say to people now; ‘you are the power in your world’. The choice is absolutely up to you in how you feel and how you let things get to you. It may take a while to change, but it is entirely possible to change your life buy changing your thoughts.

But, these type of people often want all the sympathy that others have. They have to have the toughest life and be worse off than everyone else. Like a hypochondriac, if there is no problem they will make one.

But is there any reason to bear this sometimes imaginary burden? What is so appealing about having the hard luck story. Do these people really feel that everyone is sympathetic towards them, that they are the battler they make out to be? Is this just another excuse for them to not live the life they were born to live? You see, the way that I look at it is that it would be so much easier and fulfilling to live life without the burden. Drop the act and once again, take responsibility for your life and what you are doing to yourself. There is only so much that people want to carry an anchor around before it becomes too heavy to bear.

These are the type of people who really get to me. I will be now turning them away, as there is no need for me, as a practitioner and facilitator to empowerment, to waste my time and energy with them while there are people out there who do want to change.

And if you know someone who is like this, please do not give them sympathy. If you stop feeding them what they want it may be enough of a shock them out of this behaviour. They do need it, they do not realize how pointless this behaviour is and what detriment it is having to the other people around them.