Hello and welcome to the new blog, what I’m dying to talk about now, is the subject of empowerment and have this is our new mission. I have talked about this briefly before, and the previous blog, but now I’m going to talk about why it’s so important and why I want to get an out there and empower the world. Empowerment for many, is what I see as giving people a choice to get rid of any old issues that are currently in the way of them being who they want to be. For me to be unable to facilitate that change is amazing to see and gives me sense of satisfaction in seeing these people that once looked at what they’re doing with a sense of dread, with a renewed vision and a sense of joy and wonder. I fully understand how difficult it can be to let go of past issues and how they can appear as real. This thing we need to realize is that if they are “past” issues, meaning that they are just that, in the past. What this means is that, in a way, they don’t exist anymore. So are they really worth worrying about?

The answer in most cases, is no, but because they seem so real it seems like we cannot escape.  What must happen then, is we need someone to break down those boundaries that we have set for ourselves.  This means in various ways we must deconstruct our old way of thinking, ideas and behaviors to raise ourselves up onto a new level of value for ourselves.

Now the problem is with this way of thinking and problem solving, is that one session is normally not enough to lift us high enough and remove our old way of thinking.  Which is why, I’m developing a program using all of the therapies I have learned thus far that would allow for a number of sessions to be had with goal setting and calibration between sessions to make absolutely sure that we’re on the right track.  I’m hoping to launch this around the end of May, and would absolutely love for some willing volunteers to be the first candidates and try out these sessions going all the way through to the end to see how much we can impact and change someone’s life and lead them to their goals.  And these goals can be anything, such as things like getting over past trauma, white loss, wealth creation, or just if getting more value out of life and being happy. So if you would be interested in a complete life transformation, please get in touch now to secure your spot at a heavily discounted rate.

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