Ah, yes, New year’s, welcome to 2017. What resolutions have you made for yourself if any? Exercise more, eat better, quit smoking?

How is that going for you? Feeling the sting to give it up yet? Go back to being who you were because it seems to hard? It’s easier to go back to the way you were? Does a new year actually mean anything anyway?

What does that do to your conscious mind? How does it feel to think you are failing at your goals?

I can imagine that it feels pretty damn lousy. What was the goal you set though? Does it ensure success? What do the words, ‘be more active’, or ‘exercise more’ mean anyway?

A lot of us fail at our goals so early as we never take the time to make a well-formed outcome, what does your goal look like, have you broken it down into littler smaller steps that are easy to achieve and tick off?

When we make our goals too big or too vague, it is impossible for our mind to comprehend them. It would be like saying, ‘I’m going to run really far’. How far is really far? 10km? 15? 50? And are you going to build up to it? How fit are you at this present time that can allow you to run that far? Can you get to ‘really far today’? what happens if you cant? Will you just give up and say that you will never be fit enough?

Whereas if you were to say, ‘I want to run 10km by the end of the year and under a certain time’, it allows you to build on that goal. You can start with around the block first, then 2 blocks, 1 km, 3km and so on and add the time goals as you go along.

This is an example, as well, of a well-formed outcome. Something that is measurable, something that may be big enough but achievable. It can be measured against something, in this case the distance and time. It can be broken down into smaller chunks to build on and make your limits and times to beat it by.

So how do we make well-formed outcomes for anything?

I want you to take the time to really think, think about what it looks like when you reach those goals. What challenges you have had to come over, what little parts, expected and unexpected popped up on the way to your goals? Think and write down all the steps you will take, what needs to change in your life now to be able to achieve it, start small. As soon as you make the conscious decision to improve your life, your subconscious will get to work changing what needs to change and bringing those things that you want closer to your mind, making them more obvious than they were before.

The next part, once you have this well-formed outcome, is to visualize it. See it when it is accomplished and really get the feeling of what that would be like when you have achieved your goal. This really gets your mind going, see it hear it and feel it. It works to set your mind into a whirlwind and forge new neurological pathways. It’s just like an emotion or big event. If we have no memory of it, how can we attract it or even know what it is. So in this case, go wild and let your imagination really take you on a ride.

The other part of you that is stopping you from getting to your goal, would be your inner mind. Those parts of you that are afraid of change, that want you to say the same and keep you where you are. You need to silence these voices or at least speak over the top of them with your positive intentions. It can be really hard, I do understand that, but change requires change. Let me say that again, Change Requires Change. If you stay the same, listen to those voices that keep you where you are, how can anything change? You actually have to get out there and do it. It will not come to you if you never put in the effort.

So, using these tips, I would like you to look at what your resolutions are and how you can strengthen them to become strong and achievable. It can be done and quite often is, with things that you probably wouldn’t even consider goals in life.

And lastly, if you feel you need any help at all with setting your goals, or especially with shutting those negative inner voices the hell up, make sure to contact Robert so that we can help make 2017 YOUR year.

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